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General FAQ's
Internet FAQ's
General FAQ'S
What kind of support and benefit do I receive if I outsource my projects to  CMPT?
CMPT has years of experience and proven expertise in offshore delivery. We offer highly competitive rates and provide Quality Solutions. CMPT undertakes various kinds of projects ranging from simplest of requirements to complex animations. We promise you of the best Economic Value through our offshore development Model.
I belong to a totally different culture and language. Will I be able to communicate with you effectively?
Communication is our core strength.  All our employees are fluent in English, and you can at any stage of the project communicate with them easily.
What will be my mode of communication?
You can contact us via phone. Besides this we use the internet to its maximum potential. You can chat with us via Yahoo chat, Skype or MSN. We will be available for online meetings also. And mails are checked more often to keep close communication with our customers through all time zones.
I am outsourcing from a far away country. Will you be keeping my information confidential?
Yes, we are committed to the Security and Confidentiality of the information that you share with us. We aim your progress and success and we know for that how important is privacy and confidentiality of information. We have set up a reliable information security system with the sole aim of giving you a safe outsourcing experience with maximum benefits. Furthermore, all our employees are committed to keep the confidential information confidential during all stage of the project development. This ensures that your information is safe in our hands.
What are the processes involved in your solutions?

Once the project handed over to our hands, we apply the process defined in international Operation. Our production process includes four major steps such as:

1. Pre – Project Analysis
2. Project Production
3. Post Project Support
4. Delivery

The Pre–Project Analysis comprises of Requirement Analysis, Proposal & Quotation, Clients Approval and Issue of Work Order with 50% of the agreed Amount from the client. While the project is getting developed, client can keep interacting with our creative team constantly. And then we get into all the major works, such as video shooting, story board designing, character creation etc. In the Post Production stage we enrich the developed project rendering it with music and voice over.  

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How can I send my work to you?
As most of the projects are web based, we can easily communicate and transfer files through the internet. Kindly send us a brief description or a document about your project requirement. We can have further discussions to move ahead.
Will I get information about the improvement of the working project?
Of course, at any stage of the project we are bound to inform you about the status and progress of the project.
What will be the mode of delivery?
We offer online – delivery module. We can also courier the final completed project either in a CD or DVD medium.
What are my payment options?
Our preferred mode of payment is Bank wire transfer.



Multimedia FAQ'S

Why should I outsource my Corporate Presentations to CMPT?
CMPT has years experience of providing Higher Quality Standards presentations for major Corporates in India and abroad. And corporate presentations are the new age company profiles that help in communicating what the company is all about. More than that the corporate presentations created by our team can meet the multiple need of your company. It can be used as Company Profile, Marketing Tool, Brand Image Builder, Exhibitions, Seminars, Conferences, Tenders etc.,
Can you send me complete presentation samples?
We do not provide full presentation samples, since the distribution rights belong to our clients. We can only provide a part of the sample for review. Please view our extensive showcase online filled with a wide variety of Presentation samples.
Will you incorporate my ideas into the presentation?

Yes, of course. We will listen to you keenly all through the project. After all you are the person who knows your business well. CMPT helps you to present your ideas in a better form. In another words we will enrich your ideas with technology and imagination.

What are the applications of Multimedia?

Multimedia has wide range of applications. It is used:

To create Computer based Training
To create interactive web contents comprising sound and movie files.
To create Multimedia presentation for marketing and promotional purposes.
To create informative Kiosk etc.



Why do I need flash Animations?
Flash Animations have a wide range of usage. It can be used:

To create lively and impressive animations to attract people

To create flash files will be of low file size making it Internet friendly.

To Gives new outlook to the site and gains vital position & increases site traffic.
Flash animation embedded with the latest voice over technology has a crucial role in Websites promotion and CD Presentation.
Can you create flash animation for my web site?
Yes, we can create professional Flash Intros and Flash Banners and even we can create the entire site made up of flash.
Will Flash block the HTML code and prevent the site from getting picked up by search engines?

No, Flash will not block HTML content of your site. Most search engine will just see Flash as an image and some search engines like Google can index text content inside the Flash. To justify the same, you can find many flash sites on the internet having very high PR rating. This proves Flash sites can also be search engine friendly. 

Does CMPT have the capacity to create complicated 3D models?

CMPT is capable of developing complex 3D Models. We apply appropriate textures, adjusting lightings, adding realistic movements with powerful music and effects to eliminate the difference between the real world and the 3D world. Take a look at our 3D showcase gallery for a variety of 3D samples.


Internet FAQ'S

How frequently do I need to update my website?
It depends on what you're doing with your website, but we definitely recommend you a plan for this. Content is critical for Optimization as fresh or new content is an important factor for ranking. If you have a small business brochure Website you might probably need to update it.

How can CMPT help me to improve my existing Website?
We can redesign or freshen up an existing site quicker, and for less money than building a new one. Whether your company's Website "doesn't look professional", takes too long to load or the navigation is baffling to visitors, we can help you. Just send us a mail with your needs and we will suggest the best solution for you.
Does CMPT have the expertise in create Multi-language Website for me?

Indeed, CMPT can create Websites in any language you want. We have the expertise and years of experience to meet your requirement. We can create Website in languages such as English, French, Dutch, Chinese etc. We can also develop website in all Indian local languages.

Can you use my company's existing Logo, Brochure Design, and other materials for my Website?

Yes, we can certainly use your existing company literature such as Logos, Brochure, etc.  We can incorporate all of them in the new Website. We will structure the information and provide an easy and user-friendly navigation to the content of the website. We will also work on improvising the content, visuals, animations etc.

What are the main features of any online store?

Generally all the online stores have the below listed features:

On-Line Credit Card Processing
Merchant Accounts
Payment Gateways
SSL Encryption and Security
Standard and Custom Shopping Carts
Fulfillment & Tracking
Hard Goods, Services, Subscriptions
System Integration
How can customers reach my online store?
Generally customer finds Websites in the search engines for the product. They can get direct link to the Websites having the desired type of product. You can send newsletter to your existing customers about your online store. Moreover you can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get high rank in the Search Engine so your potential customer can reach to you.


Print FAQ'S

What should I do to start you working on my Brochure or E-newsletter?
The first step is to contact us by sending a mail with the details of your requirements, any references available, details of the target audience, choice of colours or colour schemes, the objective of producing this Brochure, time lines and more. Then we contact you with a probable plan and proposal with costing to help you make a wise decision.


Broadcasting FAQ'S

Can I suggest my own ideas?
You are always welcome to provide your own ideas and concepts. Our team will convert your ideas into reality.
Do I need to provide character’s and story board?
Development of T.V. Commercials at CMPT involves finding the right concept, characters, music, voice and special effects that can sell the product/service & create a long-lasting impact on the target viewer community.