3D Modelling

At Mediapulse, we provide technically perfect and visually realistic 3D models.

The 3D specialists can develop the model taking into consideration the mesh count to create models of low polygon mesh.

With the right blend of expertise and creativity, our team draws out all the dimensions of the model in terms of height, weight and depth with accuracy.

We have the expertise to add extra value to your product by bestowing effects that enhance the look of the products with different lighting and shadow effects.

Backed by strong technical know-how, rich experience and expertise, Mediapulse team can create the most impressive and realistic 3d Models.

Stages in the Development Process:

Stage 1:

Collection of information such as AutoCAD drawings and photographs of the objects, Images, reference materials, objectives and end results expected.

Stage 2:

Review and analysis of the information collected; study the special features of the product. Evolve the right strategy action plan that assures the best output.

Stage 3:

As per the AutoCAD drawing the team develops the model (Mesh) with accuracy & perfection.

Stage 4:

After Modeling the team will apply the appropriate textures, lighting effects and shadow to enhance the realistic feel of the 3D model.

Stage 5:

3D Rendering of the different angles of the developed model.

Stage 6:

Animation of the 3D model and rendering.

Stage 7:

Review of First Cut. Quality checks to ensure high quality is maintained at all stages

Stage 8:

Rendering of the Final product (after corrections if any) for Final Delivery.

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