Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice-over services with national and international languages & accents to suit specific needs, will help in communicating the message to the target audience with high sophistication and effectiveness. We use native professional voice over artists to get the local flavor to the narration. Our voice over artists understand the context of the voice narration and provide importance to certain words giving more emphasis to the high impact words.

These voice overs can be in various styles like narrative, conversation, advertising etc. We offer choice for our clients to choose from our huge voice bank. They can hear to the samples before finalizing a particular voice artist.

Usage: E-learning, Presentations, Documentaries, Product Demos, TV ADs, Radio Jingles etc.

Mediapulse Advantage: Mediapulse provides Professional Voice-over services with local and international accents. We also provides voice-over in Indian regional langauges like Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali & Malayalam.

Deliverables: .wav or .mp3 format